Infrastructure Audit

Infrastructure Audit

Rational Behind Conducting an Audit

     With the technology landscape constantly changing, business owners and managers realize that they can get better productivity from within the business utilizing professionally designed and maintained   IT infrastructure. The hardware you installed only just a few years ago for your business could now be the very thing that is causing you headaches. A real world example is the migration of old outdated analog phone systems upgraded to a VoIP solution.

Short & Long Term Benefits


     - Updated documentation

     - Proper hardware configurations

     - Listing of all assets

     - Structured cabling designs

     - Power standards and requirements

     - Service and maintenance records

     - Network expansion capabilities

Value Added Features We Offer


      Most organizations today have complex IT infrastructures that have evolved over time. Maintaining current records of your IT assets including where they are located and how they are being used, is often problematic. With a clear view of your entire infrastructure you could achieve substantial financial savings and avoid security, compliancy and productivity issues.


     At GBIT, our thorough analysis and audit service provides complete visibility of all IT assets. With the comprehensive audit and analysis of devices such as PCs, laptops, servers, UPS, structured cabling, and network devices you can reduce costs, improve compliancy and simplify IT management. Upon the completion of conducting an audit we find the contrasts between industry standard architecture against what is currently in place.  


As Built Drawings, Documentation & Report Building


     Here at GBIT we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive details of our findings after doing an audit. Generating LAN diagrams, capturing all the finite details, taking photos, and finally presenting them in a professional manner to you the customer is a key to having properly managed and maintained IT infrastructure  and can be utilized as an invaluable tool in making any changes and or upgrades moving forward. Being able to recognize the limitations of what is currently in production and what flexibility there is for any type of expansion will help operations moving forward today and tomorrow.