TurnKey Design & Solutions

TurnKey Design & Solutions


Structured Cabling Solutions


     GBIT provides management and technical personnel certified to perform all aspects of cable design and installation, including conduit and electrical requirements. The many tension, bending radius, and environmental specifications must be considered to ensure a quality installation. The tagging, grounding, dressing, and termination of all cabling will be completed to meet hardware, vendor, and industry specifications.   


Network Design


      IT network design and implementation is a great way to build new infrastructure without affecting the resources that are necessary to carry out your day-to-day operations. Our team has industry experience with advanced LAN network deployments. Our consultants are capable of building secure, high-performance platforms that are compliant with the policies and common standards of networking.


Network Implementation

     At GBIT we know that the implementation phase is just as crucial as the network design. We pride ourselves on ensuring you are consulted on every step to minimise the disturbances to your businesses daily operations. That is why we make sure all the equipment is delivered, tested and configured in a timely fashion. Our staff can help you to build a stable and fast platform for your business that reaps the benefit of modern technologies such as Virtualisation.

     We provide your business with network design and implementation of local area networks, secure internet access, VPN's and inter-office networks that are not only cost effective and tailored for your business needs.


Network Analysis


      Looking at productivity and availability is vital in establishing whether the network design is effective. To ensure productivity remains efficient, there must be high "up-times" for services and resources. We take careful consideration of your infrastructure configuration, protocols and Operating Systems to ensure there is no network “down-time”.  


Documentation, Support & Security


     Finally, a plan for IT network design, network security, system administration, as well as support, will be developed based on your company’s needs. GBIT will provide a working diagram of the proposed network configuration in conjunction with the project. We can take responsibility for part of a project, or deliver the end-to-end TurnKey solution.